Client Feedback

Having in the past had vets who had very poor communication skills and getting information was like pulling teeth! We now have vets who have very good people skills, they give information freely and keep us informed at all times. We have an excellent relationship with all of our vets, this comes when your practice is not too big and your customers have names not numbers. We are very grateful we made the move to The Cow Vets.

Phil & Delwyn Dombroski | Farm owners, Te Miro

heifer teat sealing

In 2007 The Cow Vets pioneered the use of sedatives to facilitate the use of teat seal in heifers prior to calving. Using a sedative helps keep the heifers quiet while they are standing in the shed. We believe it is a lot safer for both the person trying to insert the teat seal, as well as for the heifers. It also has the benefit of stopping them from crapping and dribbling urine, helping reduce the risk of introducing infection while treating the heifers. Have a look at our video clip to judge for yourself.