Client Feedback

Having in the past had vets who had very poor communication skills and getting information was like pulling teeth! We now have vets who have very good people skills, they give information freely and keep us informed at all times. We have an excellent relationship with all of our vets, this comes when your practice is not too big and your customers have names not numbers. We are very grateful we made the move to The Cow Vets.

Phil & Delwyn Dombroski | Farm owners, Te Miro


Lameness is a significant problem in many of today's dairy herds. Lameness may be an obvious problem with numerous clinically lame cows for example, or it may also be a serious but unrecognised "subclinical" problem. Many times, herd owners and herd managers are so accustomed to seeing cows with abnormal gaits that they do not fully appreciate the level of lameness that really exists in their herds.

In either situation, the impact of lameness on the bottom line can be very significant! Despite the fact that the cost of treating lame cows may at times appear to be the biggest economic cost of lameness, it is often quite negligible in the overall scheme of things. Lameness is associated with a decrease in milk production and impaired reproductive performance, and can increase the probability of a cow being culled. Estimates are that a case of lameness is associated with $300- $400 in costs and lost revenue including lost milk production. Lameness is also an animal welfare issue that must be addressed by the industry.

At The Cow Vets we take lameness issues seriously. Our practical approach and experience helps ensure that our clients get the correct treatment for lame cows in a safe and timely manner, as well as support and advice on how to help reduce the incidence of lameness on their properties.