Client Feedback

Having in the past had vets who had very poor communication skills and getting information was like pulling teeth! We now have vets who have very good people skills, they give information freely and keep us informed at all times. We have an excellent relationship with all of our vets, this comes when your practice is not too big and your customers have names not numbers. We are very grateful we made the move to The Cow Vets.

Phil & Delwyn Dombroski | Farm owners, Te Miro

nutrition & farm management consultancy

Problems such as poor reproduction, a high incidence of mastitis, low milk production or metabolic disease can affect farm performance. These problems can be due to many contributing factors which are often overlooked by general farm consultants.

We are able to offer you a comprehensive consultancy service which aims to assist farmers in making sustainable and positive changes to their farm systems. Using our training in nutrition and information analysis in conjunction with software such as Farmax modelling and CAMDAIRY ration analyser. our goals are to:

  • Help identify barriers which limit production and animal performance to improve animal performance, increase profitability and most importantly, create a more enjoyable lifestyle for you.
  • Assess the key areas of strength in your business as well as the possible threats from an economic and systems perspective.
  • Help you understand the financial health of your particular farm system. Including the trade off between reward and risk, and if that is aligned with your own business goals, and risk preferences.
  • Consider what natural risk factors are a part of your farm's features, and to look at the interactions of the farm system with the natural environment, identifying what system might fit best within the wider ecosystem that your property is part of.
  • Develop a road map forward that demonstrates opportunities for consideration in the future development of your farm system, while providing you with the ongoing technical support to successfully implement change where and when it is required.