Client Feedback

Having in the past had vets who had very poor communication skills and getting information was like pulling teeth! We now have vets who have very good people skills, they give information freely and keep us informed at all times. We have an excellent relationship with all of our vets, this comes when your practice is not too big and your customers have names not numbers. We are very grateful we made the move to The Cow Vets.

Phil & Delwyn Dombroski | Farm owners, Te Miro

whole herd health insurance

Offering farmers peace of mind when it comes to the health and welfare of your most important asset for $1/cow/month excl gst.

We offer a veterinary herd health plan that aims to reduce your overall animal health costs through

  • Early intervention for sick, or injured animals, resulting in faster diagnosis, timely treatments and an early return to productivity.
  • Improved animal welfare through minimising pain and distress of sick or injured animals.
  • Farm owner peace of mind for budgeting animal health costs.
  • Reduced financial loss/wastage as a result of fewer stock deaths, pet food cases or early culling as a result of delays in treating animals appropriately.
  • Responsible drug usage and reduced interventions over time, saving money.
  • Freely available nutrition & herd management advice to call on.
  • Efficient use of labour resources on your farm using veterinary and technician assistance
  • Staff training & skill development
  • Farm staff have improved satisfaction levels as "cost barrier" removed when caring for stock. Improved retention of farm employees
  • Establishes a strong relationship between vets and the client. Good for ensuring discussion between parties on a regular basis to promote ideas and ensure services offered to the client meet their long term goals.

What do our clients think?

We have been using the herd insurance scheme for the last 4 years. Like any insurance it provides us with piece of mind whether we are on or off the farm as we instruct our staff to contact Cow Vets if they are uncertain in any way what the correct course of action should be in attending to a problem.  This may be a simple discussion over the phone or organising a visit.  We have found the welfare of our stock through this scheme has improved through more timely intervention by both us and our staff.

Since we've been on this scheme we have monitored its costs versus our previous costs and have found they have come out very similar so in our view we would recommend cow insurance to farmers, especially those who employ staff.

Shane & Jacque Ashley

236 ha in Matamata, milking 700 cows.

Included in Herd Health Insurance package:

All routine & emergency veterinary time charges* during the following times Monday to Friday;

7.00am to 9.00pm 1st July – 30th September -Including Saturday & Sunday

8.00am to 5.30pm 1st October – 30th June excludes Saturdays & Sunday

* For example

  • All time charges for sick animal examinations, surgery, calvings etc.
  • Herd & Heifer ultrasound pregnancy testing and individual manual pregnancy tests
  • Young stock & bull treatments while on farm
  • Down cow examinations
  • Discounted Calf dehorning - sedation & local anaesthetic used (rice excl drugs)
  • Discounted Lame cow treatment
  • Disocunted reproductive treatments e.g. Cidrs
  • Vaccination time – herd, heifer & calf (cost of vaccines additional+)
  • Nutrition & Management consultancy 
  • Involvement with staff training

+ All vaccinations for herd health insurance clients are heavily discounted as part of our preventative health strategy

A flat visit + mileage fee will be charged for each farm visit call out.

Not included in the package

After-hours emergency calls. These are between the times of:

9.00pm to 6.00am 1st July – 30th September - Monday to Sunday

5.30 pm to 8.00am 1st October -30th June

Monday to Friday, and all day Saturday & Sunday.

Veterinary time for afterhours treatments will be charged based on a dicounted hourly rate. Afterhours mileage charges will be at the same rate as the daily visit.

Restricted or over the counter medicines or products used in the treatment of any animals, materials such as syringes & needles, vaccinations & laboratory fees will be charged in addition to the monthly fee.

The insurance package does not cover services provided by veterinarians not employed by The Cow Vets, specialist veterinary care or outside contractors/consultants fees. Veterinary treatment of companion animals belonging to clients is not covered by this agreement.