Farm Staff Training

What we offer

Whether it be a new team member or a current one looking to upskill or refresh our vets are happy to provide comprehensive on farm training to ensure jobs are done safely and to the highest standards of animal welfare. We are also happy to provide the certificates of competence now required by some of the milk buyers.

Training can be offered across most areas but common requirements are: 

  •  Vaccination administration
  • Calf disbudding 
  • Dry cow therapy 
  • Bolusing 
  • Calf stomach tubing 

Please contact one of the vets to discuss your training needs 

Human Resource Management

Every dairy farm involves people. From single person managers or owners to large corporate farms, the ability to effectively engage people to operate the farm business is relevant. A realistic goal for any farm business should be to ensure that the business is not constrained by people issues. The current trend in the industry is increasing herd sizes and more people being employed. If the industry is to attract and retain good people, and not just be the dumping ground for “drop outs”, it must be competitive with other industries.

People issues can be very complex and it is often a good idea to seek some help from an adviser. One of our vets, Mark, is the only person in New Zealander to complete a diploma in human resource management specifically tailored to the dairy industry.

We are now able to offer comprehensive HR services to farmers, from recruitment and selection of new staff through to strategic planning and team management. Getting the people management part of a dairy farm sorted and keeping it up-to-date can be a sizeable task, which is why seeking advice from off farm can enhance outcomes.

Get in touch with Mark if this is something you would like to know more about