Calf Disbudding

August 2, 2021
It's time to book in your calf disbudding! The calves are coming thick and fast so many of you will have a decent sized mob of replacements to get started with disbudding. Our disbudding service is performed with the calves sedated which makes the job a lot quicker and less ...
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August 2021 - To Do List

August 1, 2021
 To do this month Keep calm and carry on calving!Identify ‘at risk’ cows and treat for endometritis Keep on top of calf pen hygiene and measuring colostrum qualityOrganize first mob of calf disbuddingCheck your bulk milk BVD testing is booked in with your provider (...
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Let’s face it; no matter how well you plan calving, it is a stressful time for most people.However there are some simple things you can do for yourself and your staff to reduce that. • When we are busy or stressed the first thing that goes is communication but this iswhe...
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LIC have launched a new test that means ear punching at disbudding is now possible Previously calves had to be >35days to run the test however new technology means they can now be done with a ‘dry’ sample at any age. We are able to offer this service at disbudding so ...
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July 2021 - To Do List

July 2, 2021
This month's to do listGet stocked up for calvingConsider doing some pre-calving bloods to check your mineral supplementation is workingHave a pre-calving meeting with your team, make sure everyone is familiar with protocols for down cows, sick cows etcFind your refractomete...
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The effects of inadequate colostral transfer in calves are well documented. Calves that don’t get sufficient colostrum are more than 5 times more likely to die before weaning and 9 times more likely to become diseased compared to calves that do get sufficient colostrum. No...
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