Zinc Supplementation - Water

Zinc Sulphate comes in two forms; Monohydrate and Heptahydrate and can be added the water via:

  • in line dispensers 
  • adding zinc to the tank supplying the water reticulation system
  • floating in-trough dispensers 

XXX Direct addition of zinc sulphate to the water trough without using a dispenser is not recommended XXX

Water treatment is only suitable for long term dosing NOT crisis dosing during danger periods. You need to ensure that ALL stock on the property are included in your calculations, and that all stock are getting access to sufficient daily water intakes for this method to be effective. Water treatment is not suitable where stock have access to alternative water sources such as streams or drains. 

Zinc sulphate should be introduced slowly at half the final rate for 3-4 weeks to allow stock to get used to the taste. The use of flavourants, especially apple based products, can enhance the intake of water and zinc during the summer.

Dosing guide:

1) Check which type your Zinc is:
a) Monohydrate is given at 5.5g/100kglw
b) Heptahydrate is given at 8g/100kglw

2) Ideally weigh a subset of cows to calculate an accurate average weight of the herd

3) Calculate how much zinc is required/24 hr period 

Av cow weight(kg)/100 x 8g or 5.5g x number of cows 

4) Remember to account for any youngstock also on the property (calculate for weight as above)

5) Start adding Zinc at 1/2 the amount you calculated by the end of December - DON'T just guess, weigh out the amount you calculated!

6) Monitor spore counts and up rates to full dose by the end of January/ when spore counts trend to >30,000 - DON'T just guess, weigh out the amount you calculated