Transition Boluses

When it comes to high-risk transition cows, preventing complications is far more manageable and cost effective than treatment.

TRANSITION™ Boluses contain a unique combination of calcium and vitamin D3. Cows given TRANSITION™ Boluses receive supplemental calcium and vitamin D3 when they need it the most. TRANSITION™ Calcium Boluses include three proven sources of calcium;
◾Calcium chloride
◾Calcium propionate
◾Calcium carbonate

Vitamin D3 is also introduced to help the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.

TRANSITION™ Calcium Boluses are easy to administer, safe for the animal and help prepare cows to enter the milking herd in a normal time frame.

TRANSITION™ Calcium Boluses feature revolutionary technology that offers significant advantages when compared to other supplements. Using a patented process, high concentrations of nutrients are liquefied, hardened and compressed into a single, quick dissolution bolus.

TRANSITION™ Calcium Bolus application advantages
◾No sharp edges or surfaces
◾No palatability issues that are common with drenches or pastes
◾No withdrawal period

TRANSITION™ Calcium Boluses are available in boxes of six, and outers of 8 boxes (ie 48 boluses)
◾176 gram (44 g Ca) per bolus

TRANSITION™ Calcium Boluses are to be administered immediately after calving, and again 12 hours after calving. Different doses are required depending on the size of bolus used.