We have an exciting new piece of equipment available for hire to all our clients! Back at field days we purchased some portable Gallagher scales and eID reader wand to enable our clients to weigh calves in a cost effective manner without the initial outlay on expensive equip...
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TURBO® Initial

October 7, 2021
Turbo® Initial is an oral drench specifically designed for weaned calves. It provides broad worm parasite coverage as well as helping to protect against coccidiosis. This bridges the 'susceptibility' gap after calves come off coccidiostat-treated meal and before they develo...
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Calf Disbudding

August 2, 2021
It's time to book in your calf disbudding! The calves are coming thick and fast so many of you will have a decent sized mob of replacements to get started with disbudding. Our disbudding service is performed with the calves sedated which makes the job a lot quicker and less ...
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