Zoetis Recycling Programme

Better for your farm and the planet.

Delivering products and services that care for your animals is the cornerstone of what we do, but an area for improvement is what to do with the significant volume of waste that can come with some of the products required to maintain healthy animals.

Animal health company Zoetis are passionate about long term sustainability, and have been creating new opportunities to help steward resources responsibly and minimise the impact on the environment.

In 2021 Zoetis piloted a recycling programme for Teatseal® tubes.  Almost 1.6 million used tubes were collected from vet clinics (including ours) and recycled by Plasback, who operate a Product Stewardship scheme to recover used farm plastics for recycling. Plastic packaging was repurposed into new FuturePost™ Fence posts, or reusable plant trays.

The Zoetis teatwipes that are provided for best practice administration of intramammary products are also compostable at home, again reducing waste that could potentially go into landfill.

New for 2022 is the Zoetis vaccine recycling programme.  This covers a number of flexi-pack vaccine packs in the Zoetis range, including all Ultravac® vaccines, Glanvac®6, Leptoshield® and Scourguard®. Simply bring your empty vaccine packs back to the clinic and dispose of them in our bright orange recycling stations.  Please note, due to the nature of different plastics and human health concerns with some products, not all vaccine packs can be recycled at this stage (although it is a work in progress). Again, talk to us in clinic to learn more about this new programme.